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  1:I want to build a photovoltaic power station, what should I do?
A: you can dial 95598 for consultation first and then go to the nearest power supply business hall to apply for.Himself in the home power can bring material such as id card, hu kou book, house property card is dealt with, if take up public area, you need to provide the consent of the other owners, property management, residents' committees.
Provide application, power supply enterprises send people to the scene reconnaissance, issue a accept scheme, citizens according to the scheme design, purchase qualified unit of solar panels, inverter, brackets, cable, etc., suggested by the photovoltaic power station integrated service provider, to install, and then a power supply enterprise to review.After approval, send people to install metering device, power supply enterprises to sign a contract with grid, parallel debugging.
Power supply enterprises, system capacity standby fee, free from grid application to parallel debugging not to collect fees, electricity can all get to the Internet, can also be all for private use, for personal use or spontaneous and electricity on the Internet.
State grid company promises to complete the whole process in 45 working days.From the perspective of part family photovoltaic power station, power supply enterprises can complete service process within 45 days.Shandong Qingdao first grid power station with the 30 working days, Beijing shunyi it only took less than 20 working days, anhui family power station in just 17 days.
We can assist you to complete, can also be agents for you!Only need you to provide complete information.
2:Natural person owner grid application need what to data provide?
Q: "access application form", its request note of a natural person shall provide information: "agent the original and copy of id card, hu kou book, house property card legitimacy supporting documents".Is this "etc." said id card, hu kou book, house property card must be the three certificates, or have other other documents to prove the legality of the project can be?
A: power supply company customer service center staff pointed out that the owner like preparing to the whole process of operation, only need to carry id card, hu kou book, when applying for house property card can deal with, if you want to trust others, which could be family members or friends), in addition to the need to the above three documents, will carry the relevant contact person id card.Different city is different, some need to provide the materials include property, property company construction license (certificate), personal id photocopy, and grid inverter parameters, etc.Concrete can be consulting local power company customer service center.
3:Whether you need a natural person to apply for project approval?
There is a bar on ask: "access application form" "approval requirements" : "provincial", "permit", "other", "don't need to be approved.So what is the project owner is needs the approval of the level to which, which is "don't need to be approved"?File is not clear.Master standards differ across its business hall.
A: power supply company customer service center staff pointed out that at present household distributed project without approval requirements,To be responsible for completing by SGC.
4:Need a project plan and design for application?
Q: it didn't mention in the natural person owner shall provide the information, but in the actual execution, often required, everywhere.In legal owner, referred to a "pre-project related information", but there is no clear what data.
A: power supply company customer service center staff pointed out that the application does not need to project plan and design drawings, after its acceptance of grid application, in mapping out the access system to explore the owners home, after negotiating with the owners decided, but there still suggest looking for power station integrated professional service providers, for you to make a safe, reliable and reasonable project scheme and system design, it will reduce unnecessary trouble in the process of the whole grid¡£
5:Personal website building electricity currently enjoy subsidies and related policy?
A: the national development and reform commission recently issued "about play a role of price lever to promote the healthy development of photovoltaic industry notice.For distributed photovoltaic power generation project, has carried out in accordance with the generation of electricity price subsidies policy, feed-in tariff standard is 0.42 yuan per KWH.
Notice also made clear, feed-in tariff standard applies to in addition to enjoying the central fiscal investment subsidies of distributed photovoltaic power projects.Benchmarking a feed-in tariff and electricity price subsidies standards implementation period of 20 years in principle.
6:We can provide what service for you£¿
A:Sunshine luyuan energy saving technology co., LTDThe company¡£We can according to customer's information on photovoltaic power station design, equipment selection, optimization, project implementationPhotovoltaic products,Provide consultation and necessary support.Helping our clients achieve optimization of photovoltaic power station design, ensure that customers maximize the efficiency of.In addition we can also provide services include: on-site service, regular return visit to customers, customer training, after-sale maintenance and online technical support, resources sharing, equipment, software upgrades, custom services, including customized service, can according to the current existing access solutions, such as street light system for secondary development, equipment modification,Adapted for solar street light.
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