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 1:Why should I use photovoltaic power generation?
A: for more and more users (especially those who have the environmental awareness of users), the choice of photovoltaic technology is a clean earth.Photovoltaic energy provides a sustainable energy, and quiet operation and without gas and emissions of greenhouse gases, hazardous waste.Photovoltaic (pv) systems use free solar power, so almost no running cost.And, continuous research and development also means that the installation of a photovoltaic system cost will reduce gradually.Some people are more willing to invest the capital in the perfect way of energy production, rather than constantly gave money to the power company.Some people like to reduce their purchase of electricity from the grid, because it can reduce the power grid in power and their future threats on the rise.Ladder electricity price (residents)¡£
2:Can I use photovoltaic technology as our power supply?
A: photovoltaic technology can provide power for your entire family.Including lighting, cooling system and household appliances.Today, both in the traditional family and new family, pv systems can be easily integrated into the life of eachLast detail.
3:Can I use photovoltaic technology enterprise power supply for me?
A: photovoltaic power generation system can be integrated into almost every commercial building, in fact.You can in the safety of the outdoor lighting, parking lot and the structure of the bus station to see application instance of photovoltaic technology power.Architect can use photovoltaic building integrated technology (BIPV) environmental protection, beautiful design and supply power for its own building.Solar building integration provides a dual-use building materials, by building as installation or support structure, reduce the cost of pv system, and through its power to reduce electricity costs.And practice the industrial electricity price system in our country at present, the company's existing factory building roof building photovoltaic power station, parking lot, more can greatly reduce enterprises, factory production and operating costs, so as to increase the profit of the enterprise, and produce results in energy conservation and emissions reduction, tooImmeasurable.
4:Using photovoltaic (pv) system can save much cost for me?
A: a conversion efficiency of 17% photovoltaic modules, power rating for a kilowatt of power plant systems, each year about 1500 degrees can generate electricity.Efficiency loss in allowing each year is less than 1% of cases, such a system can be power in 20 years nearly 30000 degrees, 45000 degrees in 30 years was able to power generation, which means that the 30 years, the photovoltaic system issued 50000 yuan worth of electricity.In China now, enjoying the distributed power station spontaneous self-used subsidies, purchase price double preferential policy, oneself also saves electricity costs, thus, economic performance is immeasurable.
5:How do I know if I have the necessary conditions for photovoltaic?
A: first of all, you need to have to install photovoltaic power station site, to install 5 kw power panels of the power station as an example, you need to have 20 square cant roof plane, space, and is facing south direction;Second, you can also install the components of the space is integrated into the wall, or use the components to cover the porch of the gate and the backyard patio.Finally, you can also in the construction of the roof and photovoltaic building materials for use directly.
6:I need to how much of a photovoltaic system?
A: you need the size of the photovoltaic system depends on several factors, such as how much you need to the size of the electricity, hot water or space heating, lighting of your area, you the size of the roof as well as your budget.Photovoltaic system doesn't have to meet your energy needs.But in most cases, the light do system will be connected to the grid, and then sell the solar power to electric power company, and you can also according to the conventional way to buy electric power company.You are advised to consult a professional photovoltaic power station design, consultancy, thus providing more reasonable, and create more economic benefit of power plant solution.
7:When can I use by the application of photovoltaic power products?
A: the price of a complete system of solar power plants have from 30 yuan/w a few years ago, has fallen to about 10 / w, and distributed power plant construction has started, you can now for your family, workFactory, installing solar power supply system.
8:Home building photovoltaic power station safe?
Answer: use now are ac rather than dc, plus wire with PVC pipe, and to review by the department of housing property before installation system, the power sector also want door-to-door survey, accords with a condition to give the installation, so it is safe, but more than pieces of components in series can produce high voltage current, after Suggestions by photovoltaic power station integrated professional service providers to complete your power plant construction.
9: Photovoltaic power station have radiation?
A: completely caused by radiation can be neglected, because is the physical properties of the semiconductor, photovoltaic power generation use use sunlight this clean energy will be electronic step, produce light current.Photovoltaic power station is green, not any waste or waste gas for electricity generation.
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