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 1:What is the meaning of photovoltaic (PV) power generation?
A: the natural meaning of pv (English name: Photovoltaic) gain energy from the sun's energy.The term originally applied in 1890, is divided into two parts: the "photo", on behalf of the light from the Greek word "phos";"Volt", is made to study the electricity pioneer alessandro watt (1745-1827), named after the voltage measurement units.
2:How to convert solar energy into electrical energy?
A: the sun is made up of many tiny energy particles called photons.Photovoltaic (pv) systems use semiconductor materials (such as silicon), part to absorb photons and convert them into electrons.A process known as the photoelectric effect, but also the fundamental physics of photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity.Photovoltaic cells special built-in electric field for currentBy external load (such as light bulbs) provides the voltage needed to.
3:What is the meaning of the energy conversion efficiency?
Answer: in the solar modules, solar panels typically use conversion efficiency calibration efficiency, here the energy conversion efficiency, discharge energy conversion and the ratio of energy consumption or equipment available.The sun in a very broad spectrum issued a lot of energy, but now we can only rely on photovoltaic technology to obtain a small portion of the spectrum of energy.Now, commercial pv system conversion efficiency between 7% and 17%.With the comparison, a typical fossil fuel generator efficiency is about 28%.Under laboratory conditions, however, some of the pv cells can be nearly 40% of the energy contained in sunlight into electricity.
4:Photovoltaic power generation technology and what is the difference between other solar technologies?
Answer: photovoltaic (PV) system, the use of semiconductor material made of PV cells to convert solar energy directly into electricity.
Solar water heating system, consists of a solar energy collector facing the sun, using the collector directly heating water, heating or constant flow of work "liquid" to a device for heating water.
Sun steam collector, or called "the wall", using solar energy to preheat building in circulationIn the air.
5:What kinds of components are part of a photovoltaic system?
A: a photovoltaic system is made up of many different parts.Including many group called "components" (also known as the "panel") photovoltaic cells;One or more of the storage battery;Need a charger for independent system or controller;
For grid system or need to direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC), need an inverter,Wire, metal pieces, chassis and so on.
6:Photovoltaic (pv) system can run continuously for how long?
A: a good design, installation and maintenance of pv systems, can run more than 20 years.Contains no moving parts of the basic photovoltaic modules can run more than 30 years.To ensure and improve the efficiency of the service life of pv systems and the best way, is the correct installation and maintenance of the good.
7:The use of photovoltaic system areas?
A: pv systems for various applications to provide clean energy in the whole world.From the downtown skyscrapers to developing countries or regions in the remote village.Photovoltaic (pv) power generation can provide power for all kinds of household electrical appliances, including computers and communications equipment, water pumps, and lighting.Application examples of photovoltaic (pv) power to save the cost include: street light, entertainment lighting, highway lights, warning lights and all kinds of commercial and domestic lighting.In fact, the photovoltaic systemFor any field power supply.
8:When photovoltaic system can replace coal and nuclear power plants?
A: the main driving force of the development of the solar system from the public demand for clean energy.Environmental pollution by the burning of fossil fuels and nuclear energy will produce dangerous wastes.If we carefully consider the environmental costs of fossil fuels and nuclear power and health costs, there is good reason to consider solar.So in the coming decades, the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power, we will begin to see more solar power generation system is established.In developing countries, only little or no conventional energy in those areas, due to cost less than other schemes, solar energy has been widely used, this kind of cleaner energy sourcesEnvironmental benefits particularly big.
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